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  1. May I express my personal thanks to all the brethren of the lodge for their kind welcome during my recent visits and is very much appreciated, also to those brethren who helped me trace back my father and grandfather who were both members of the lodge (1930 & 1947) a very special thanks. You have a beautiful lodge well looked after and I would like to wish you all the very best for the future. Hope to be a regular visitor and see you all soon.
    Regards Jim Stephen PM. 592. Affil.127.

  2. Once again thanks for your very kind welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion during and after the meeting and hope to see you all again in the near future.

    Regards Jim Stephen PM. 592. Affil.127.

  3. Once again a brilliant meeting on Saturday 11th.of May with the lodges which were concecrated in 1921.The degree was perfect and fell into place with only the minimum of rehearsal time. All the brethren involved should very proud of themselves, and a special thank you to the RWM. and brethren of Lodge 1265 as hosts for this annual event for the kindness and courtesy shown to the visiting brethren on this a special day.

    Regards Jim Stephen PM.592. Affil.127.

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